Asbestos Risks Assessments In England & Wales

Here at Absolute Asbestos Surveys, we carry out all aspects of asbestos risk assessments. When carrying out work on your property, it is essential that an asbestos risk assessment is carried out if there is potential damage to asbestos-containing materials.

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Our team of surveyors are able to examine the potential risks to health and identify which precautions are needed to make the workplace safe.

Key Steps Of An Asbestos Risk Assessment

All our risk assessments are based on the following key steps:

  • Identifying the risks to health
  • Identifying who may be harmed by these risks
  • Analysing specific precautions which are needed to remove or reduce the risks
  • Recording the findings and precautions, then implementing them
  • Reviewing and updating the risk assessment when required
Asbestos Surveys
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Asbestos Risks Assessments

When identifying the risks to health, our professional and reliable team will indicate what types of asbestos are present as well as the quantity, condition and friability of the asbestos-containing materials.

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Asbestos Surveys in England & Wales

Absolute Asbestos Surveys Ltd is an independent company providing services to both domestic and commercial properties throughout the whole UK

Asbestos Risk Assessments

Here at Absolute Asbestos Surveys Ltd We carry out both domestic and commercial asbestos risk assessments.

Asbestos Inspection

We are able to inspect any property or building to update information regarding asbestos-containing materials

Asbestos Consultancy

Our consultancy ensures customers meet asbestos safety standards and comply with their asbestos register.

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